Friday, December 16, 2011

I Am Part of Sketchabilities Again!!!

Yay! I am privileged to be invited again to be part of the DT at Sketchabilities.  This is my second term, which is the maximum term a member can stay as DT.  

Meet the members who will attempt to inspire you from January1-March 30th 2012

Aki Iinuma - Japan
Helen Tilbury-South Africa-returning
Kim Kendell-Austrailia-returning
Leah Cameron-Austrailia
Linda Eggleton-Austrailia
Marilyn Rivera-Puerto Rico
Nina Stenzel-Germany
Regina Castillo-Philippines-returning (this is me!)

Please visit us at Sketchabilities and be inspired by the sketches of Karan Gerber and the interpretations of her team.

Thanks for dropping by.

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