Thursday, January 27, 2011

Never Busy to Shop

It's sad that I haven't had the time to scrap and blog lately, blame it on the extraordinary load at work. :(  But I'm sure fellow scrappers would understand that there is no such busy time to do some scrap shopping. :)

Posting pictures of what I acquired has always been helpful in reminding me what stash I have available on hand.

Now, I just realized I still don't have the Tattered Flowers Die by Tim Holtz, among others. :( 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

More LO for 2011

While I am still at it, and before the lull happens again, I made another LO for tonight.  If my schedule and the seeming cooperative sleeping time of my kids will still allow, It appears my target for Jan. 2011 to finish an album of my son's 1st bday might be possible. 

(Materials used: AC cardstock; AC Thickers; AC Rub-ons, Twirl Accents; TH Distress Ink; Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My First LOs for 2011

These two (2) LOs were my very first creations for 2011.  Although I made three (3) during the Webster's Class last Saturday, they were copied from Iris'. Admittedly, it is always easy to make an LO which is either scraplifted  or where a pattern and/or color scheme is provided.  Otherwise, you have to grill your brain out to come up with a worthy LO that follows all the basics of "layouting".

These particular LOs were not scraplifted nor were they based from any sketches, at least not that i know of.  I just gathered inspiration from the pictures of my liliputs and from my  stash which were (and still are) scattered all over the place.

Sharing to you my LOs made after 2-eyebrow-burning-late-nights. 


Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Take on Webster's Class by Iris Uy

When Iris Uy holds scrapbook classes, I always attempt to free my sched to attend because, for sure, it will be a treat of various techniques you wouldn’t thought possible and not dare try.  Yesterday’s class was no exception.  We were thought the use of distress inks with mix media materials, - clear granular gel, golden mica, heavy clear gel, etc.  While they looked intimidating to me, they were demonstrated by Iris with so much ease.  It was an afternoon of inking, distressing, misting, stamping, painting and, of course, Iris' class wouldn't be complete without all the hand-cutting.

I made the following layouts through my outmost attempt to copy Iris’ to the letter.  I guess you wouldn’t go wrong with a “kodigo” in front of you when making the LO.  I love how they turned out.  I hope I could incorporate at least one or two of Iris’ styles in mine.

This was the LO where I conquered my fear of distressing inks.  In fact, you could see my fumbling when I quite held the distressing brush a little heavier than it should be.  Good thing, Iris was there to remedy what could have been a messy LO.  I guess I need to practice more.

This is the LO where we used a heavy clear gel to hold the tool and other knick-knacks.

In this LO, we used a granular gel to put texture on a painted house roof.  We likewise used gold mica for the bird's wing.

Big thanks to Iris for sharing, once again, her talent to us.

Friday, January 7, 2011

My First Christmas LO

I never find Christmas album fancy as I am not one to buy stash that can be used only for a particular season. But during the Christmas party of Wednesday Group, Bessie thought us to make a Christmas LO.  While it seemed easy (since all the materials were already prepared for the brats), its kinda complicated with all the layerings.  I didn't have a prepared Christmas picture but my ready hand pictures  were just right for the LO.   I love the finished product. I guess I'll start doing more Christmas LOs from now on.

Thanks Bessie for tirelessly sharing your talent and patience. :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Special Gift for a Special Friend

During our annual birthday bash for the November celebrants, who included yours truly, our meticulous and generous friend (another November celebrant), Sharon Chua, taught us a very complicated mini album project, one that could be braved only by a full-time scrapper. . . so our praises go to Sharon who made time to make a sample for everyone despite her juggling career as a medical practitioner and a new Mom to her second. 

The mini album contained various compartments for pictures, mementos, tags, etc. made out of a  versatile and cute colored paper bags purchased from National Bookstore.  Judging from the finished product, you would understand why most of us, naturally, didn't finish the album on that day, with the exception of Bessie, who is a renowned fast scrapper.  Challenged by the promise of an unfinished mini-album, I found the time to finish it at home, at least based on my standards.

With the efforts put out in finishing the project, I thought of only one to whom I can give it to where all my efforts would be worthwhile.  I have a friend who lost his daughter from giving birth to her fourth child. Until now, she is still devastated and could not still fathom the reason for the untimely death.  I have been encouraging her to reduce all her emotions through scrapbooking but still could not find the time and inspiration to do so.  I put the name of her daughter in the cover.  Hopefully, she finds enough inspiration to start confiding with the papers where she could journal all her emotions and memories of her daughter which, in turn, will provide as keepsake for her grandchildren to remember their mother.

I just hope she will like this.

Thanks again Sharon for sharing your time and talent in making this album.