Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cheap Finds

It's been a while since I posted something here.  I have been busy with the Christmas preparations, which started 2 months ago and still, the fuss is far from over.  Taking a break from the season's rush, I just thought of sharing some art form I am equally crazy about.

Since I started with this blog in 2008, I have been sharing only my passion with scrapbooking.  Unknown to most of my friends from scrapbook world, I also adore fashion.  Since I was in school, I already displayed some bent in fashion by providing advices to my peers on what to wear and what not to.  Even now, I still find myself giving fashion suggestions, solicited or otherwise.  While most of the items offered by branded lines are sure hits, I especially like the challenge of finding hits from not so expensive sources. I intend to devote some pages to display these cheap finds. . .  I just hope I can sustain it. 

For a start, I want to share with you these lovely shoes and a matching dress bag I sourced from one of the reasonable shops in the Metro.  For the drama this set provides, the prices are just a bargain.  They really got them all for you!