Thursday, June 16, 2011

My LO was featured at Scrapbooking Whimsy

What makes scrapbooking addicting?  Every scrapbooker may have different reasons for finding the craft as addicting as caffeine.  One common reason may be to create the stories behind what simple pictures depict and to preserve such stories even beyond the scrapbooker's lifetime.  This is particularly true to yours truly.  I want to share who I am, what I value in life and how I appreciate persons and things around me through the pages I create.  

On a lighter note, scrapbooking may be addicting with the thought that every page is an opportunity to create the best art ever, and so the quest is never ending.  The appreciation and inspiring words from fellow scrapbookers are the icing on the cake which give you assurances that you may be really cut for this craft.  One of this inspirations may come in the opportunity to be featured in one of the scrapbooking sites available in the net.  

Scrapbooking Whimsy was sweet enough to feature my take on Once Upon a Sketch May 15th Challenge.  This is one of the simple joys that make scrapbooking addicting.

Please head on to Scrapbooking Whimsy for some inspiration.

Thanks for your time.

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