Friday, April 1, 2011

Echo Park Little Boy

It was unfortunate that my son caught one of the viruses (hopefully, it was just that) and had to be brought to the doctor for a check up. Being a doting mother than I am, I took a leave of absence to make time for the doctor's visit. When the mommy duties were done and my son was taking his afternoon nap, I sneaked out to have some scrapping time, taking advantage of this once in a while leave from work.  

Was I glad I joined the Wednesday Club session last March 30, 2011! The group has been into kits.  They take it upon themselves the challenge to come up with as many LOs as possible using the kit and few/some elements from other lines.  The challenge somehow rubbed in me, thus, I have been sleeping late for the past 2 days to consume the entire kit with maximum LOs.

I am happy with Echo Park Little Boy kit.  It perfectly matches the color theme of my son's b-day pictures which have been laying on my table waiting to be scrapped.  I scraplifted some of the friends LOs and did some on my own.  Now with this challenge, looks like I'll be needing more pictures to come up with more LOs.

Sharing you some of my works.  

I still have some stash left from the same kit so I think I will coming up with an LO or two, then off to do the next kit - Echo Park Little Girl.  Yehey!

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