Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Take on Webster's Class by Iris Uy

When Iris Uy holds scrapbook classes, I always attempt to free my sched to attend because, for sure, it will be a treat of various techniques you wouldn’t thought possible and not dare try.  Yesterday’s class was no exception.  We were thought the use of distress inks with mix media materials, - clear granular gel, golden mica, heavy clear gel, etc.  While they looked intimidating to me, they were demonstrated by Iris with so much ease.  It was an afternoon of inking, distressing, misting, stamping, painting and, of course, Iris' class wouldn't be complete without all the hand-cutting.

I made the following layouts through my outmost attempt to copy Iris’ to the letter.  I guess you wouldn’t go wrong with a “kodigo” in front of you when making the LO.  I love how they turned out.  I hope I could incorporate at least one or two of Iris’ styles in mine.

This was the LO where I conquered my fear of distressing inks.  In fact, you could see my fumbling when I quite held the distressing brush a little heavier than it should be.  Good thing, Iris was there to remedy what could have been a messy LO.  I guess I need to practice more.

This is the LO where we used a heavy clear gel to hold the tool and other knick-knacks.

In this LO, we used a granular gel to put texture on a painted house roof.  We likewise used gold mica for the bird's wing.

Big thanks to Iris for sharing, once again, her talent to us.

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