Wednesday, October 20, 2010

And When I was Up for It . . .

. . . an unfortunate event happened. For the past years that I have been engaged in the craft, very seldom do I join challenges for lack of confidence. After brazing enough courage, I finally decided to join one sponsored by The Color Room. After taking pictures of my LO, alas, I couldnt find my camera cable(?). Being an untechy person that I am, the most treasured possessions I have, as an accessory to my art, are my hubby's Nikon camera pre-set for my competence (or lack of it) and the cable where I could transfer pictures to the computer without much intellectual exercise. Lo and behold, the cable is missing and no amount of effort to locate it proved successful. I heard of a card reader that reads the memory card from my camera. Got to find one of those. In the meantime, my iphone afforded me some remedy, but of course, the product is not of competitive quality. I just have to make do of it now for this post.

Here is the Color Palette # 28 from The Color Room

And here is my take:

I didnt realize the colors would go well together.

Thanks for looking.

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